What has technology done to us?

Think of the change from an old Peugeot 404 to a brand new Mercedes Maybach or a range rover vogue. That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Change is inevitable in most circumstances. Many a people affiliate change with positivity but in some cases there is usually a change from the good to the somehow evil.

Through technology we’ve had life at the palm of our hands. Every single bit of life has been simplified. In as much technology has simplified life, in my opinion it has complicated life to some extent. In my defence, here are some of the reasons why I think it has complicated life.

Technology has stolen away the good old family moments. Gone are the days where you could find family members bonding with each other during meal times. If you happen to visit most of the families in the evening/night you will be surprised to find out that most of their eyes are either glued to the TV or mobile phones. People prefer chatting to that John Doe or Matilda out there in the unknown world rather than holding live talks with their family members. It is of no surprise to find out that a parent doesn’t know which course of study his/her child is pursuing or even the year of study. 

I hope all the readers are either 80s or 90s kids. Do you recall back in the days in primary school life when you engaged yourself in those small funny relationships? I salute the boys back then who would approach the girls physically or through the writing of small notes. The vibe back then was real and lively. To those who were holy back then, sorry you missed a lot. Definitely I didn’t miss any single bit of fun. I have no idea how tables turned. Nowadays everything has been reduced to online dating. People meet each other through dating sites/social media, they propose to each other through the phone, they marry and eventually end up breaking up/divorcing through text messages or calls. Surely where is the fun at all? Come on guys, please stop overworking the phones!! You should believe in your physical self. Nowadays you board a matatu with all the ego and guts to make a new friend but to your shock when you board the matatu you find out that almost everyone is on his/her phone.

With the day to day invention of technology in various fields, unemployment has been on the rise. I pity my fellow accounts students because soon and very soon accountants will be obsolete as their jobs will be absorbed by technology. This also cuts across many careers. So, if technology is good, why is taking away our jobs day by day? This is unfair.

As we approach Christmas holiday which is roughly less than 48hrs away, I just need a small favour from you. I am requesting if you can be my financial sponsor this Xmas, my Mpesa is open for any humble contributions. Anyway am kidding, the favour I need from you on this particular day is to switch your phone off, keep it far from you. Tell dad and mum to switch off the TV and let it be just family time. Don’t hide yourself in the bedroom, be there in the living room. Share you love story with mum and dad, tell them of that someone who disturbs you. After that please share your experience with me.



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